“Are you one of those people who claim that they never dream?” Dreams, Mirrors of Your Soul begins with this intriguing question and challenges this erroneous thought throughout the entirety of the book. 

This isn't a dream dictionary but a provocative journey into all the many “mirror” aspects that make up a single person. Dreams shows how to awaken the part of the brain that we falsely believe is dormant.   This part of the brain comes alive when the body is sleeping, and according to author Marie Friend, "it probably works harder than you do during your 8 hour work day." 

 This book shows not only how you can remember your dreams, but will also teach you the language of the Dream-World, so that you can become fluent in interpreting the messages you are presented with each night.

***Past Life telephone readings available***
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Watch for Marie Friend's new book, DREAMS, available April 8.


ISBN: 978-1-61852-092-0
Available April 8th!
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