About Star


Available through Je Reviens Publications, marie@mariefriend.com, $15 95 plus shipping and handling, or through your local bookstore.

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Star is fiction based on historical fact. It tracks a group of people over a 3000 year period and through three dramatic reincarnations to validate how a country's politics and religion can impact our lives. It shows how karma is perpetuated and how the ongoing cycle of lessons and truths can be cultivated and healed through each lifetime. This original and intriguing story travels through three distinct periods of history; Egypt during Akhenaton's reign of 1400 BC to Henry VIII's 16th century Britain - climaxing in New York City 2001 with the tragedy of September 11th. Star exposes the truth as to why we reincarnate and how we may resolve our karma in this present time so that we may return to our Divine Selves.